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How to use iPimp
button photo
First chose a picture to modify. You can take it with the built in camera or chose one from the library.
Now you are able to use filters and adjust the image parameters red, green, blue, transparency, brightness and contrast.
button pimp

Then you should push the pimp button and chose an additional image to pimp your picture. There are many categories with subcategories here you can find more than almost 1000 images to pimp your picture. The chosen image will show up in the view finder.
If there is an additional image chosen, then you can push the pimp button to set the additional image in your main image. You can set the additional image how often you like. Also you can touch in the main image where you want the additional image to appear.

You can move, set the size and rotate the main image or the additional images to the place and size you want.

button send button save
If your extravaganza is finished, then you push one of these buttons to save, email or upload the composition.
button openHides and shows the top and bottom toolbar.

Use the control bar to adjust the images

segClose just closes the additional functions from the segmented control
segAdjust slider controls for transparency, brightness, contrast, red, green and blue parameters
segFilter different filters
segAction functions for delete, mirror, lock and unlock
segX preview (just hide the navigation and controls)

Always select the image you want to modify